7 weight loss myths

“I will never lose a pound, if I don’t skip dinner”. “If I quit smoking, I will gain weight”. “Once you get older, you get fatter”. These are just common myths. Let’s take a closer look at them.

I will get fatter if I quit smoking

Indeed, some people gain weight after they quit smoking. But it is not true that metabolism becomes slower (as many think) after smoking cessation. Nicotine maybe speeds up the metabolism, but insignificantly. The main reason why ex-smokers gain weight is stress. As a result they start eating more to calm down this stress. Plain and simple – sweets, fast food and other junk food replace cigarettes.

I cannot lose weight because of thyroid problems

Underactive thyroid gland provokes extra weight and may worsen your weight loss. It is true. But according to nutritionists, only 1-2% of people suffer from metabolic imbalance, for instance – thyroid disorders. In most cases, people fail to lose weight because of overeating.

I will never become slim if I eat at night

Experts from Cambridge University conducted an experiment. At the first stage of the experiment, all the participants had to eat a hearty lunch and a light dinner. At second stage, on the contrary – they had to eat little for lunch and much for dinner. It turned out that late hearty dinner did not provoke the body to store fat. The total amount of your meal you had throughout the day is important, but not the time of your meals.

Fat is formed quickly and goes away slowly

As a matter of fact, the excess weight gain is a gradual and slow process. Even if you were overeating all night long, having fatty meat and sweets altogether, the next morning you will probably have 1-2 kg extra kilograms, but it is just water. If you pull yourself together and return to your healthy diet, these extra kilograms will disappear in a couple of days.

Fat-free foods are the best

0% fat or fat-free are the signs on the labels meaning this product does not contain fat. But it does not mean that this same product is low in calories. In order to make the taste of these foods (as fat is one of the taste-forming components), producers add more sugar, flavor enhancers, etc. Besides, our body needs fat for normal activity. So you cannot cut out all fat from your diet.

There is such a thing as trans-fat, which is plenty in fast food. Saturated fat should be replaced by unsaturated, for example using olive, linseed, sesame, avocado, nut and sunflower oils.

Packed fruit juice is a dietary product

Fresh juice is good for human health, but fresh fruit are still better. Juices from the store, especially without pulp contain as much sugar and calories as sweet soda for example. First, they packed juices increase and then sharply decrease the blood sugar levels, thereby causing hunger. With age, there is high risk to get diabetes or obesity, if you keep drinking juices from the store all the time. The most viable option would be a fresh homemade juice with pulp, because it contains a lot of fiber and little sugar.

When you get older – you become overweight

Everybody knows that metabolism becomes slower with age. But it’s not that bad as many think. The metabolism is reduced by 2% every ten years after you turned 30 (scientifically proven). If you change and reduce your diet a little bit and start doing some exercises at least 2 times a week (for 40 minutes), you will never gain extra weight. The problem is that most people reduce their physical activity when getting older. But you should try to move more day by day and make sure your diet is not high in calories (men – 2000/2500 kcal, women – 1800/2000 kcal) and your body shape will stay beautiful and slim for years!