Duromine and birth control pills

Women of reproductive age are recommended to use some reliable birth control means while taking Duromine capsules. Pregnant women have not been involved in clinical trials of Duromine. However, it is known that Duromine may cause negative effect on fetus. Thus, Duromine is contraindicated during pregnancy.

For birth control purpose during the therapy with Duromine capsules, women can use some barrier methods of contraception (condoms, cervical and uterine caps, female condoms). However, most women of childbearing age prefer using birth control pills (oral contraceptives).

All the birth control pills contain estradiol or progesterone hormone (analogues of female estrogen and progesterone hormones). Birth control pills may cause weight gain. However, birth control pills have no significant impact on Duromine efficacy.

The weight loss rate in women, who take Duromine only, and the weight loss rate in women, who use Duromine combined with birth control pills, are the same.

One of the largest manufacturers (Schering AG) of oral contraceptives held some trials, demonstrating that birth control pills have not caused a significant weight change. Therefore, regular use of birth control pills can never cause gain or loss of the body weight.

Women of childbearing age can take Duromine along with birth control pills without restrictions. The application of oral contraceptives prevents undesired pregnancy within the whole period of a short-term anti-obesity therapy.

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