As you know, Duromine is an anorexigenic medication, which stimulates some areas in human brain.

Patients, who take Duromine, keep asking – Can this weight loss drug affect the liver functions?

Numerous clinical trials of Duromine (Phentermine) have established that this drug can affect different systems of the body, namely:

  • The central nervous system
  • The gastrointestinal tract
  • The cardiovascular system

The connection between use of Duromine drug and liver dysfunction has not been established. It is known that a small part of active substance Phentermine is metabolized in the liver (up to 30%). The rest part of Phentermine is metabolized in kidneys, excreted unchanged in urine.

Going through hepatic metabolism, Phentermine does not violate functions of the liver. The load on the liver can only get worse, if Phentermine is taken in combination with other drugs that are mostly metabolized in the liver.

It is extremely important to refrain from alcohol during Duromine therapy. Excessive alcohol consumption can significantly affect the liver functions and slow down the hepatic metabolism of active ingredient Phentermine.

For a detailed information on Duromine (Phentermine), send your questions by email before buying this drug online. Buying Duromine diet pills online in the USA, you can get a qualified consultation of the pharmacist.