How fast do you lose weight on Duromine?

Duromine suppresses appetite and provides a rapid weight loss. Duromine is one of the brand names of the most popular drug for losing weight – Phentermine. In the USA, Phentermine has been used for weight loss since 1959. On the USA pharmaceutical market, people can buy Phentermine weight loss drug under the trademarks of Ionamin, Adipex and Phentermine Hydrochloride. Duromine is not available in the USA.

Duromine weight loss drug is manufactured by Australian company – iNova Pharmaceuticals (a part of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International since December 2011). Moreover, the TGA approved Duromine for the weight loss in January 30, 2007. In addition to Australia, Duromine is also on sale in New Zealand, South Africa and other regions of Valeant OTC delivery.

Duromine diet pills are prescribed as a short-term supplementary method to a weight loss plan, which consists of a low-calorie diet and physical exercises.

Anorexigenic effect of Duromine occurs by acting on a brain area, responsible for satiety (hypothalamus). To prevent addiction, Duromine is prescribed for short treatment courses.

One course of Duromine lasts 12 weeks. Regular use of Duromine diet pills along with a diet and physiotherapy allows reducing 10-15 percent of the initial body mass. If a person weighed 120 kg before the beginning of anti-obesity therapy, three months after the use of Duromine capsules, his weight will be approximately 100 kg.

Significant change in the body weight occurs on 2-3 week of using Duromine capsules. According to clinical and post-clinical trials, people, who have taken Duromine as prescribed by the doctor, have lost up to 12 kg within 3 weeks. It was noticed that the greatest weight loss occur during the first half of anti-obesity therapy.

During the second half of anti-obesity drug therapy by means of Duromine, the weight decreases slower than during the first half. Further usage of Duromine weight loss pills (after 12 weeks) provides no weight loss. For a successful termination of the treatment course with Duromine diet pills, it is recommended to continue physiotherapy and dieting after the withdrawal of the weight loss drug.

Actually, keeping a balanced diet is an important part of anti-obesity therapy with Duromine. Patients should note that it is necessary to eat during Duromine drug therapy, even if they feel no hunger. Because when a patient does not eat, his metabolism slows down and fats are transformed into energy much slower as well.

In slow metabolism, the body weight decreases much slower, than in a normal one. That is why some obese people say that Duromine is not effective enough. In order to increase the weight loss rate, a person should be physically active. In fact, workouts help increasing the metabolism and accelerating fat burn.

If you decide to buy Duromine online, but have never ordered the diet pills at the U.S. online pharmacies, please, ask the pharmacist your questions. You can buy diet pills Duromine online and get pharmacist’s advice from the USA, as well as any other country.