How to get Duromine prescribed?

If a patient, suffering from overweight or obesity, decided to use Duromine weight loss pills, he must know that he cannot buy this drug without prescription.

Only the doctor can give you a prescription. Therefore, prior to use Duromine, visit the doctor and undergo medical examination.

The doctor determines whether a patient is obese or not, identifies causes of the disease and holds a comprehensive examination of a patient.

Only after all this, an overweight patient is recommended to use Duromine capsules.

Duromine capsules contain different amount of active substance Phentermine – 15mg, 30mg or 40mg. Therefore, the diagnosis allows to determine a suitable dosage of Duromine for patients with various degree of obesity.

Having got a prescription, an obese person can buy Duromine at a pharmacy. If a patient has any questions about Duromine weight loss pills, he can get an additional information from a pharmacist.

Typically, in the beginning of obesity or overweight treatment, the initial recommended dose is Duromine 30mg. Application of this dose helps to reveal side effects or allergy to Phentermine. If Duromine 30mg dose does not provide a significant weight loss, the daily dose can be increased up to 40mg.

If a patient has side effects or feels discomfort in the body, he must consult the doctor immediately. In this case, the doctor can reduce the daily dose and give a new prescription for Duromine.

Some side effects require no Duromine dose adjustment. If therapy by means of Duromine pills causes insomnia, headache or gastrointestinal disorders, the patient is usually prescribed with symptomatic treatment of these side effects. When OTC medications do not help to get rid of side effects, the patient should seek for a medical help.

A patient, who takes Duromine, must bear in mind that this is the prescription drug, which can cause drug dependence. Therefore, it is necessary to restrict the access to Duromine capsules for people with a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

Before buying Duromine online in the USA, make sure this anti-obesity drug can be delivered to your region. To find the information how to order Duromine from the USA, contact a pharmacist of online pharmacy.