Duromine works the same as other anorectic drugs of the group of amphetamines. This drug suppresses appetite, so you will be able to reduce your calorie intake.

How does Duromine work in the body?

In the human body, Duromine works by increasing activity of two nerve impulse transmitters - serotonin and norepinephrine. These two biologically active substances work in different ways:

  • Serotonin increases satiety;
  • Norepinephrine increases energy expenditure.

Due to Duromine action, saturation occurs more rapidly during food intake, as well as interval between main meals increases.

When using Duromine, you will be saturated with small portions of food and the body will begin to use fat deposits as an energy source.

How does Duromine work best?

When using Duromine, the mechanism of appetite suppression works 2 times more effectively in conjunction with a balanced diet and moderate exercise. The anorectic is not the main, but just an additional means to combat obesity.

The effect of appetite suppression works only in regular use of Duromine. It should be remembered that the missed doses of Duromine would strengthen appetite, as well as would increase a risk of overeating and binge eating.