Duromine is considered a safe drug for weight loss, since benefit of its use outweighs potential risks. However, absolutely safe drugs do not exist. Any prescription medication may cause side effects and Duromine is not exception.

To the anorectic drug does not cause any harm to health, pay attention to the recommendations for its use and dosage. For more comfortable and safe use of Duromine, it is important to follow a few rules.

  • PregnantKeep Duromine in a cool dry place at a temperature below 30 °C;
  • Do not take more than one capsule of Duromine 40 mg per day;
  • Do not double the dose of Duromine to compensate for the missing;
  • Do not take the anorectic together with other means suppressing appetite;
  • Take Duromine as long as it is prescribed, but no more than three months in a row.

It is not safe to take Duromine for some overweight people. For example, this anorectic is contraindicated to patients with cardiovascular diseases, since it contributes to tachycardia. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are also not advised to use Duromine, since there is no data about its safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding.