How to lose weight in short time: 25 steps

  1. Run

To get rid of extra weight safely and rapidly, you need to keep a balance between strength and cardio exercises and diet. It is very important to load your cardiovascular system. You should run at least for 30 minutes daily (jogging outside or in gym). During the first twenty minutes, your body will burn only carbohydrates, and then it will start burning fat deposits to get the necessary energy. Keep in mind that cardio exercises must be combined with strength training – jogging and weight lifting involve every single muscle in the body, accelerating the metabolism and modeling your perfect body shape.

  1. High-intensity interval training

This workout technique is quite popular because it really works. If you are looking a method to lose weight in the shortest time, high-intensity interval training is exactly what you need. This type of training is more effective in weight loss than any traditional cardio workouts. With high-intensity interval training, your body will keep burning calories and lose weight within 24 hours after you finished training.

  1. Team games

Basketball and volleyball are two games that can help you burn extra calories, plus they are fun to play. Team games provide physical loads and a lot of motor activity. You can jump, run, step back, step left/right, etc. So, these games are a great benefit for your health. Just find the closest basketball court and join the game, but first, learn the rules of course.

  1. Strength exercises

If you are motivated enough to lose weight, but have not joined the gym yet, it is time to do it. Your goal is to increase the muscle mass because your body will burn fat proportionally the growth of your muscle cells. Please note that any improper diet or wrong exercises can slow down your weight loss significantly. Therefore, if you choose strength exercises, choose a good nutrition as well. Your body needs more energy to turn fat into muscle tissue.

  1. More walking, less driving

The more you walk the more active your body becomes. Physical activity helps you burn calories and lose extra weight. On the contrary – driving a car or using public transport will not do the same. All you need is to leave your car keys at home, put on your favorite snickers and go, go, go! This way you will keep your muscles toned, lose extra pounds and save money on gasoline!

  1. Try CrossFit exercises

The CrossFit program consists of high-intensity exercises that can help you to lose weight in the shortest time, increasing your stamina and general physical shape. CrossFit includes jogging, rowing using special equipment, rings exercises, climbing the rope, lifting weights, etc. This program will let you burn massive amount of calories and change your body drastically.

  1. Yoga for stress

Relax, take a deep breath, how do you feel? If you feel great, then yoga is exactly what you need. Everybody knows – yoga helps to relax your body and to stay in a good shape. But few people know that it also helps you lose excess weight. Stress is a great evil for human body and it can even provoke the accumulation of extra pounds on your belly. That is why you need to teach yourself to relax and remove any negative thoughts from your head.

  1. Change your workout schedule

If you have a strict schedule for your workouts, you need to change that. The thing is that human body develops habits pretty fast. Thus, if you keep doing the same exercises with the same loads and using the same weights, your body gets used to it. As a result, you hit the plateau and see no results from your regular workouts. But if you change the usual routine, choosing a 45-minute high-intensity interval training, for example, twice a week instead of 90-minute standard workout three times a week, it will bring you much more benefit.

  1. Forget about targeted weight loss

Actually, there is no targeted weight loss. You cannot lose weight in one concrete part of your body it is a fact. Many people keep trying to lose weight in one part or another, but all these attempts fail. So, don’t waste your time doing just arms, legs or hips exercises. What you need is a complex approach – choose exercises for every part of your body. A complex training is the best way to keep your body in a good shape and achieve best weight loss results, no matter how much time it will take.

  1. Exercise with personal coach or a group

Training with likeminded people gives you a motivation, when you feel down (which is a common thing for those who are trying to lose weight). These workouts will help you to move forward even when you feel discouraged so that you can achieve your best weight loss results.

  1. Before and after photos to monitor your progress

If you want to start a weight loss journey, you should take pictures of your progress regularly. It is a perfect way to first of all, see your progress clearly, and secondly to stay on track throughout the journey. Many people notice that they did not change much, but when they look at the before and after pictures, they can see great changes. If you are brave enough, you can even post your pictures on the forum or elsewhere and share your experience. There are many people with the same problem as yours out there, so you might be pleasantly surprised by positive comments on your progress.

  1. Keep a food diary

After each intense workout, your body wants rest and your stomach – lots of fuel (food). Many people do a great mistake – open the fridge and grab whatever they see, like a hungry animal. To avoid this, you can keep a so-called food diary and track all your calories every day. You can record there everything you have planned to eat during the week/month, etc. It will help you to focus on right diet plan even when you are extremely tired or hungry. If you prepare some small but nourishing meals beforehand, it will save you time after workouts and protect you from temptation to eat some junk food.

  1. Vary your calorie intake

Human body is a complex and clever mechanism. When you cut off the calorie intake, it switches to “economy mode”, hence your metabolism becomes slow and your weight does not move anywhere. But you can trick your body by increasing and reducing your calorie consumption every day. For instance, take 1200 calories instead of your usual 1000 kcal one day and 1800 calories the other day. This will calm down your body, speed up your metabolism and you will be able to lose more weight much faster.

  1. Watch your diet using apps

There are many applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC helping you to track your calories and diet in general. Using these apps, you can always check out your progress and keep dieting as it is programmed. These technologies provide you a precise result, saving your time. Choose the one that suits you most and track every meal, every calorie you consume. You can program your meals for tomorrow or the entire week using these apps. Sometimes we forget what we eat, sometimes we cheat ourselves, but these apps show you the facts only.

  1. Never skip breakfast

A good nourishing breakfast is a number one and the most important meal of the day. You will be surprised, but it also helps to become slimmer and keep your weight loss results for long. People, who ignore breakfast, or who rarely eat their morning meal, compensate the shortage of calories throughout the day. This may lead to overeating and overweight.

  1. Cook at home and reduce your portions

Well, nobody tells you to quit going to restaurants and BBQ at your friends’ place. But if you are striving to lose extra weight, you should minimize eating outside your house. Surprise, surprise – most restaurant menus do not give you the full list of calories, so you have no idea how much calories you get. When you cook at home, you know exactly how much calories your food contains (just read the labels). Plus, you can control your portions.

  1. Less carbs, more protein and fat

Carbohydrates are plenty in your favorite foods that is a fact. But if you want to become slim, you need to cut off most of carbs from your diet. Carbs provide energy, increasing the blood glucose, followed by production of insulin and storage of fat in the body. Therefore, you need to combine carbs with protein and healthy fat in your meals. This helps to block the insulin release and prevent hunger or sugar cravings.

  1. Eat more fish

People, who want to lose weight, should eat more fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, etc.) because it contain large amount of leptin. Leptin controls the fat deposits, appetite and energy expenditure. When there is lack of leptin in the brain, people are hungry and may have metabolic disorders. It often happens, that people lose weight successfully but only for a short time. The truth is that it is harder to keep your body weight stable, than to lose it.

  1. Say no to soda and alcohol, say yes to water

Drink as much water as you can – it is a must, if you are losing weight. Water accelerates the metabolism, removes fat and toxins from the body and saturates you. Besides, only water can satisfy your thirst, no cola (or any other soda), coffee, tea, alcohol or juice can do that. Not to mention, soda and packet juice contain a lot of sugar, which can provoke extra pounds.

  1. Eat less, but more often

Nutritionists think that 6 small meals a day is a perfect diet plan for people who want to lose weight. Besides, it is a perfect way to stop overeating. When your body does not get food within several hours, it is stressed out, trying to store calories, hence you get extremely hunger. Therefore, it is better to eat frequently, but small meals.

  1. Eat vegetables

Vegetables can reduce estrogen levels. Estrogen is the main hormone, responsible for accumulation of fat in the body. Besides, vegetables contain a bunch of useful nutrients, vitamins and fiber. Try out some new recipes with veggies, fresh, boiled, steamed or grilled – vegetables can be very tasty!

  1. Forget about scales

Let’s talk about weighing yourself every single morning. Is this what you usually do every day, hoping to see the numbers on the scale go down? Then stop it. Seriously, stop. It is pointless if you are trying to lose fat tissue and gain muscles. The scales might “lie”. You see, regular and proper physical workouts at gym will help you to lose fat and to build some muscles; hence, your weight will not change in numbers. Simply put, your fat tissue will be transformed into muscle tissue. So, quit playing with scales and keep moving towards your goal!

  1. Get a good sleep

Good sleep is a very important thing for the human body. If you don’t sleep enough day after day, you will end up with hormonal imbalance and even overweight. When the body lacks sleep, it switches to “stress regime”, slowing down the metabolism in order to keep precious energy. Moreover, the lack of sleep causes high cortisol level, followed by immense appetite. As a result, you eat a lot of junk food high in simple carbs, saturated fat and sugar. This kind of food produces serotonin, which works as a sedative agent. So, to avoid this you need to have a regular good night sleep.

  1. Check out your thyroid

Thyroid gland is the organ that controls metabolism in the body. Therefore, it is so important to make sure you don’t have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). To lose weight easily, your thyroid gland must function properly, otherwise no exercises and diets will help. So, if you figured out all your weight problems are associated with thyroid dysfunction, endocrinologist should prescribe you a different therapy.

  1. Fight your laziness

It may seem difficult at the beginning, but all you need is to start. Start with small things, like climb the stairs instead of using an elevator; stand up and walk for the papers you need, instead of approaching them sitting on your office chair. Even when you watch TV, you can do some simple exercises, like push-ups, abs, squats, etc. Just move, move more and your body will thank you later!