Online game helps to lose 0.7 kg of weight per week

Online game
Developers of new online game offer to forget about gluten-free and other diets and use their game having influence on weight loss, helps to get rid of 0.7 kg per week.

Exeter University, Cardiff University and Daily Mail created a 10-minute version of the game that according to the developers helps people to consume 220 calories less than usual and thereby to lose weight. However, to achieve any result, a person should play the game at least 4 times a week.

Forty-one people participating in the experiment and playing this game, lost weight on the average of 0.7 kg per week, and weight loss has continued even after the end of the experiment. However, all these people suffered not only from overweight, but also from the habit to eat high-calorie chips, cakes, biscuits and chocolate.

The game motivates to abandon exactly these products. It is very simple: when seeing certain images, you should press on certain keys or not push - if a picture in a black frame.

During the game, various products harmful to health and figure appear in such frame and the person's brain focuses on the idea that he should quit using these foods.