#1 Duromine Buying Guide (2021)

1. Brand Duromine online without prescription

  1. Duromine (by iNova Pharmaceuticals) from 10$ per capsule

2. Generic Duromine (Phentermine) without script

  1. Adipex 75 – from 8.45$ per cap (by Abbott Laboratories)
  2. Adipex-P - (by TEVA Pharmaceuticals)
  3. Phentermine – from 7.95$ per cap ( by Magnus Pharmaceuticals)

3. Proven Duromine private sellers

  1. NeverGiveUP.team (ex. Duromineforum.com Team)

4. Duromine natural alternatives

  1. Phen375
  2. PhenGold

Duromine is a drug used for treatment of obesity in adult people and children over 12 years old.

This drug is sold at pharmacies of various Asia-Pacific countries. Generic drugs of Duromine are available under other trade names.

Duromine is supplied in capsules intended for oral administration. Each Duromine capsule contains an active substance Phentermine as resins. Dosage strengths of Duromine are 15mg and 30mg. At Australian pharmacies, you can buy Duromine 40mg capsules.

Do not take Duromine pills more than 12 weeks. Duromine effectively reduces appetite and helps to adhere to low-calorie diet. You can reduce the cost of obesity treatment if you buy cheap Duromine.

The supplier of Duromine capsules is iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia). This company occupies the leading position at the global pharmaceutical market. iNova develops, manufactures and sells many prescription and non-prescription products.

Wholesale and retail price of Duromine capsules may significantly differ. Before you buy Duromine, learn the prices at local pharmacies. It is quite possible that online pharmacies offer the cheapest Duromine or its generic drugs.

Pay attention to the cost of one pill. The more pills in a pack, the less the cost of 1 piece. Dosage strength also affects the drug cost. Duromine 40mg pills can be the most effective, but their cost is the highest.