TOP-3 secrets of successful weight loss after the age of 40

weight loss after 40
Metabolism decreases by an average of 5-10% every ten years, which gives approximately 5-8 kg of extra weight. But we can change this tendency.

As you know, the body of a 20-year and 40-year old woman are not the same. That is why the same diet that helped a young girl to lose weight does not fit her mother. So, here are three main distinguishing features of a woman’s body that may help to understand how to achieve the best weight loss results.

Feature #1: Hormones and metabolism

Every cell in the human body contains mitochondria that process useful substances into energy. When women grow older, their metabolism slows down because of reduced activity of mitochondria.

metabolismIn addition, the hormonal status of a young body differs from that of an older body. In particular, the level of female sex hormone – estrogen is reduced, resulting in accumulation of extra kilograms on the abdomen, but not as in young women – on hips and arms. This leads to abdominal obesity, which is usually typical for men.

Moreover, hormones are responsible for motivation. That is why many women become more stressful and begin craving sweets with age. As a result, women start consuming more food than usual. Few women know that they should do some hormonal tests before they start weight loss therapy. The best option to succeed in weight loss is to visit a dietician and undergo a full medical examination, considering age, sex, chronic diseases and region of living. Doing all this, the doctor can make up a proper individual diet plan for a woman to help her get rid of extra kilograms.

If you have no time to visit doctors, you need to know some simple dietary rules. Number one: when we become older, it is getting much more difficult for our bodies to digest lactose and gluten. It means that we should minimize the consumption of milk and bakery products.

It is recommended

to eat more fish, seafood, cottage cheese and beans to protect your muscles. However, red meat (beef, lamb, pork) is recommended to eat only 1-2 times a week.

Absolute cons

pastry, sweets, potato chips, soda and packet juice. These foods are full of simple carbs or “empty” calories, causing that fatty belly you hate.

Make sure you drink still water (noncarbonated), coffee or tea (reasonable amounts) and yogurt. Fiber is also important for our bodies, as it helps to prevent atherosclerosis and even cancer. So, make sure you eat a decent amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as cereals (muesli).

Feature #2: Physical shape

Hormones and metabolismBy 30-35 years, human body reaches its peak of physical development. Thus, when we become older, ligaments are getting less elastic, our joints become less mobile, the muscle mass decreases and bones become more fragile.

Still, the main reason why people gain extra weight with age is reduction of muscle mass. Muscles are the main parts of human body that consume most of calories. Everybody who leads a sedentary lifestyle, lose about 0.2kg of muscles per year. As a result, the body replaces these muscles by fat tissue. Thus, when you gain 2kg of muscles, your metabolism speeds up by 10%. People need to stay physically active with age, it is a fact.

Secret of weight loss: proper workouts. It is better to combine aerobic and anaerobic loads (swimming, walking, dancing, aerobics, etc.).

Make sure you enjoy every workout. Stop exercising if dyspnea appears. Anaerobic exercises help to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. If you can’t go to gym, then use your own weight: push-ups, pull-ups and squats will do perfectly.

Your body needs rest in between the exercises (at least 60 seconds). Avoid too much loads on muscles. Make sure you begin with a warm-up and add some stretching to your regular workouts. Yoga, Pilates, Zumba will make your muscles and the whole body more elastic and increase your stamina.

Don’t forget about balance. You can take a fit ball or a BOSU ball to improve your balance. The most important thing to do your exercises correctly. You may hire a personal trainer and change your regular exercises every month.

Feature #3: Mental state

Mental stateMost mature women are mothers. It does not matter how old their children are, these women put their family first. But the truth is that women can look better than they think they can, it is not very hard to take care of one’s health.

Striving to make kids happy, women do what they think is best for their children. Unfortunately, many children disagree with their point of view. Hence the stress and as a result – overeating and gaining extra pounds. A comfort eating has become a common thing these days. But there is always another way to defeat the stress. Every woman should find her own instead of constant eating. For example, sleep more, walk or ride a bike, teach your body to relax. Find a new hobby maybe.

Remember: everything you do becomes an example for your children. That is why if you start taking care of your body, your children will do too. Besides, overweight and obesity cause many illnesses, meaning if your body is healthy you can live a long and happy life together with your family.