Each package with Duromine capsules has a leaflet, where you can find recommendations for use of these diet pills. Having familiarized with these recommendations, you can learn when it is better to use Duromine to achieve a long-term and stable weight loss.

It is necessary to carefully learn recommendations for Duromine use. Compliance with the recommendations can have a great, if not decisive, influence on weight loss results.

When is the best to take Duromine?

The standard dose of Duromine is one capsule of 15mg, 30mg or 40mg in the morning together with breakfast. This solution is the optimal to control appetite throughout the day.

The optimal duration of Duromine use has been determined by the results of clinical trials where people of different ages with overweight, mild, moderate and severe obesity took part.

When you take one Duromine capsule in the morning, you get the maximum benefits for weight loss. Using Duromine, you will eliminate the root cause of overeating - hunger throughout the day.

Duromine starts maximally to act about 1 hour after the oral administration. If you take Duromine in the morning, you will no longer feel hunger pains between breakfast and lunch, or between other main meals.

When to take Duromine if the regular dose is missed?

If you forget to take Duromine in the morning at the usual time, take it as soon as possible, but no later than 2 p.m. If to take Duromine at 2 p.m. or later, the capsule will completely dissolved at night. Late intake of Duromine will suppress appetite, but will not control hunger early in the day and may cause insomnia.

Sustained-release Duromine capsules are designed to provide the best weight loss results unlike other anti-obesity medications. Taking Duromine, you do not have to worry about hunger pangs throughout the day and you will be able to focus all your attention on rapid weight loss.