The worst weight loss methods

worst weight loss methods

Reduce the water consumption

water consumptionIf you did not know, every person needs about 4-5% water per body weight. Once you reduce this amount, the body starts suffering from chronic water deficiency. As a result, the body is aging proportionally the weight loss. Treatment of obesity presupposes an increase in water consumption. When person drinks enough water, his body is able to cleanse itself from toxins, reducing the excess heat and losing extra kilograms.

Diaphoretic procedures

It is true that sauna increases sweating, thereby reducing the body weight. But keep in mind that it happens due to water loss (i.e. dehydration) and aging of the body. Intense physical activity works the same – it causes active sweating and dehydration. Everybody knows that physical loads are necessary for people who want to change the balance between fat and muscle mass, increasing the last one. Herewith, namely muscles burn calories faster, accelerating the metabolism. It is very important to combine nutrition and sports properly.


Normally, kidneys produce about 1-1.5 liters of urine per day, but they can do much more. If you work hard, you can lose even 1-2 kg of body weight per day (due to the loss of mineral salts and water). Again, it causes dehydration, quick aging, poor metabolism and working capacity.


These medicines provide water loss though the intestines mostly. At the same time, it causes poor digestion of food and as a result weight loss. However, the anti-obesity treatment must improve the function of gastrointestinal tract, providing a good absorption of vitamins and microelements (needed for normal metabolism) and provide the safest weight loss 24 hours a day.

Cutting down on fat

Cutting down on fatThis method forces your body to use its own fat storages actively. Do you see some weight loss? Yes, you do, but at the same time, your body does not digest vitamin A, E, D and F, which leads to hypovitaminosis. The lack of fat in your diet provokes bile stasis, malabsorption of calcium from food, causing caries and osteoporosis. Small bile tract dysfunction may result in cholelithiasis. Lipids derived from adipose tissue provoke cell transformation – steatosis. Thus, the pesticides, herbicides and carcinogens, dissolved in these lipids, cannot pass through liver due to bile stasis. As a result, they are accumulated in body tissues and organs.

In addition, the anti-obesity therapy requires limiting fat consumption by 50% of your daily need. Some may say that this way the weight loss slow. It is true, but instead, the risk to gain steatosis or cholelithiasis is minimal.

Increase of proteins in diet

Human body needs about 1 g of protein per 1 kg of body mass. But if you sharply increase the amount of proteins (much higher than your daily norm), then the load on kidneys will increase along with an increased metabolism, especially if you limit water consumption. Such weight loss may result in renal insufficiency of different severity.

Good news:

if you increase the amount of protein foods and water in your diet (proportionally!) – 840 ml of water per every 100 g of meat a day, then it will give you a smooth metabolism and safe removal of toxins from the kidneys. Moreover, such a diet can be used for both anti-obesity therapy and regulation of the body weight the entire life.